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We are the top review source for diverse water sports out there. Our writers have the experience and the passion to deliver high quality content for all our readers. We started Surfing Feed to educate water sport enthusiasts about the best products, attire, and experiences when it comes to hitting the waves.

Everything from product reviews to the surfing culture, you’ll find the answers you’re looking for in our blog.

How Surfing Feed Started

Surfing Feed started with a novice surfer who bought a surfboard in Charleston, SC. After hitting the waves with this new surfboard, the surfer noticed that the waves were constantly rolling under and it was difficult to stand up on it. This surfboard was a “shortboard” which is ideal for someone that is more advanced in the surfing community.

These noticeable differences are a big deal for a beginner and that’s why Surfing Feed was created. We have years of experience and knowledge to teach you about the right technique as well as the right equipment to get started.

We’re here to help! If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact us.

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Water Sports Equipment

Best Beginner Surfboard Page
Best Beginner Surfboards

Learn all about the surfboard size, weight range and product details for each surfboard. These surfboards are durable and compatible with beginner surfers.

Best Bodyboards

Bodyboarding is a fun water sport that is executed on your belly. Learn all about the best bodyboards and the right size that is compatible with your skill set.

Best Wakesurf Boards

Wakesurfing is when the rider trails behind a boat and rides the boat’s wake. Find out about the best wakesurf boards that are compatible with your skill and weight.