Best Place to Learn How to Surf in the USA

Best Place to Learn How to Surf in the USA

When I first wanted to learn how to surf, I wanted to see where the best place to learn how to surf was. I soon found out that if one wants to learn how to surf then you’ll have to commit to it. You can’t just do it one time or five times. But five thousand times. As there is no set time it takes to properly learn how to surf, because it’s different for everybody. 

So it’s important for someone to pick the best place to learn how to surf. You want to make sure it’s affordable, offers good instructions, and the school or camp is patient enough to teach you the fundamentals of surfing on low and high tides

And depending on where you live, it makes sense to find the best lessons in your area. Even if you don’t live in a state where you can surf. This list will give you a good selection on your nearest surf school and camp that’s only located in the United States. 

San Diego Surf Lessons

San Diego

San Diego surf lessons has been in business for more than 13 years. They offer private surfing lessons with just you and your own instructor. Semi-Private lessons for groups of 2-3 and group lessons of 4-5 people. And this is important when you want to learn to surf for the first time, because you need to have an equal amount of one-on-one attention.  

And also group lessons. To properly apply what you learn from the private lessons. If you live in California, San Diego Surf lessons is your best choice.

Oregon Surf Adventures


Oregon Surf adventures does not only offer surf lessons but surfing camps as well. So if you have kids that want to learn to surf as well as go to camp then Oregon Surf lessons is the place to go. They also offer surf lessons 7 days a week. Which is good considering you’re just starting to learn how to surf, and you have a tight work schedule. 

Learning to surf takes time and consistency. Especially when you’re just starting out and making mistakes. If you can commit to just 2 to 3 days to learning how to surf. It’s better than just committing to once every 2 weeks. And with surfing lessons that are open for 7 days a week, it’s the best for fitting any type of schedule.

Ron Jon Surf School


No list titled, “best place to learn how to surf in the US” will be complete without mentioning Florida, and who wouldn’t? It’s the best state for surfing. But is it the best state to learn how to surf? Well, even though Florida has a long history when it comes to surfing. It didn’t really become popular until the 1970’s. 

Then it did not take until the mid 1990s for it to be widely available for everyone. Now there are more surfing schools in Florida today, But very few of them have stood the test of time more than Ron Jon Surf School. 

Ron Jon Surf School was originally founded in 1959 and not only do they teach surfing, but also offer surfboard rentals. Additionally, they are also the largest surfboard shop in the world. For someone who wants to learn to surf for the first time. Ron Jon Surf School is definitely one of the best places to learn to surf in the US.

Surf Camp Maine


Maine does not usually come to mind when thinking about the best place to learn how to surf. But Maine has a huge surfing culture. Maybe not as popular as Florida or California, But one where it makes surfing no less fun. Even if you are someone who is looking to learn to surf in the US. 

Surf Camp Maine is located in Scarborough Beach. They run small group surf lessons on a regular schedule in addition to scheduling private surf lessons and group outings by request. Maine is definitely a cool state. Not only for surfing but for visiting as well. 

Wave Riding  School, Ocean City, Maryland


Situated on a barrier island in the middle of more than 100 miles of beach breaks from Assateague Island, A tourist town packed with people from June through Labor Day. Learning to surf in Ocean City can be intimidating at times due to the crowds, so making the 15 minute drive south to Assateague Island is well worth it if you catch the right tide.

The world renowned Wave Riding School has all your surf lessons and other forms of riding waves covered. Their team has traveled the globe competing on a world level. They are now focusing their expertise on helping the next generation of wave riders. A beginner surfer will definitely benefit a lot by being taught by world champions.

Shaka Surf School, South Carolina

South Carolina

Located in Folly Beach South Carolina. Shaka Surf School has over 20 years of experience of teaching surfers from beginner to advanced to world champion surfers. They also offer kids summer camps. All equipment is provided (soft surfboard, wax & when available or needed wetsuits).

Surf City Surf School, North Carolina

North Carolina

Surf City Surf School, is owned and operated by island native and surfing guru Cody Leutgens. Located in the heart of Surf City. They are also one of the best rated surf schools in the eastern part of the United States. 

Here is one of many good reviews of surf city surf school

“We have used Surf City Surf School two years in a row and it was always a great experience. Brian & Cody showed on time when and where asked and provided a great surf lesson to my two boys. They love their jobs and it shows. They have a friendly teaching style that keeps the kids smiling. I plan to use them again my next vacation.”

WRV Surf Camp & Lessons, Virginia

Virginia Beach

Founded in 2001 by Brendan Petticrew, WRV Surf Camp and Lessons has been offering the best surfing lessons in Virginia. They also offer a summer camp for children who want to learn how to surf. Virginia is another state you would not expect to have a surfing culture. But it is alive and well. And while you’re there, you can check out the nice beaches Virginia has to offer.

Chicago SUP, Chicago, Illinois

Now I know what you might be thinking. Surfing in Chicago? Really?, well actually yes, you can surf in Chicago! There are certain beaches in the city which are legal to surf at, including Montrose and 57th St. in the summer, and Montrose, 57th St., Rainbow, and Osterman in the spring, fall, and winter. You can also now stand up paddleboard in Chicago.

Third Coast Surf Shop is the closest surf shop to Chicago. Look around…you will not find anything close to what resembles a real surf shop in Chicago. they are proud to provide gear for Chicago surfers and will continue to make sure that it is worth making the drive from.

Sleeping Bear Surf and Kayak Michigan

Lake Michigan

Unless you’re a native Michiganite, You would not think that Michigan would be a good state for surfing. But the name “Michigan” derives from the native American word “Michigama”. Which means a great or large lake. “Can you surf on the lakes?” Absolutely! Even though wave periods are much shorter than that of ocean waves, they still provide the best surfing experience in the Midwest.

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