Best Places to go Surfing

best places to go surfing

It’s all about the location, or so they say. Having a great time surfing isn’t just about getting your board and gear, and flinging yourself at the largest water mass close to you. To get the most fun out of surfing, you should know the best places to go surfing.

Why ride a “crumble wave”, when you could be feeling glorious at the top of a “reef break”. Asides of the factors that are present during active surfing (like the waves, tides etc.), some other factors (e.g. ease of access, price, accommodation – for those that would be traveling) are also important to a good surfing experience. All of these factors contribute to the amount of fun you have when you’re out surfing, and all must be carefully considered.

In this article, we’ll be discussing some of the best surf destinations to help you have a grand time when you decide to go out surfing.

Best Surf Spots

From the beaches of the coffee bay, South Africa, to the Playa Avellanas in Costa Rica, we’ll be taking you around the world on a tour of the best surf destinations.

Australia (Newcastle)

Newcastle Australia

Australia is popularly known for its mountains which draw lots of tourists, but it also has noteworthy and large access to open water. Especially in the city of Newcastle which lies on the east coast. Due to its (Newcastle) proximity to the sea, it is the central destination for various beaches.

One unique feature of this city to surfers is the diversity in water conditions it offers. All kinds of surfers – whether learners or pros will find their desired breaks. Besides the joy of riding waves, Newcastle also offers lots of hotels and guest houses for those who plan a trip spanning days.

Do not worry about the prices as you can get adequate rooms as cheap as $20. If you would rather prefer a luxurious type of set then they are also available, all within a short drive to the beaches. Therefore, if you’re a pro or a beginner looking for a change in the surfing environment then Australia should definitely be on your list of options.

Spain (Fuerteventura)

Fuerteventura Spain

It is no news that Spain has always been a magnet for tourists as it’s one of the countries in Europe with the largest tourist attraction sites. So it’s of no surprise that Spain is on this list. A very prominent surfing destination in Spain is the Fuerteventura; it is quite popular for its use as a venue in many water sporting activities, which is mostly due to its adaptable weather conditions.

It is a doubly preferable venue for surfing since there are wonderful wind flow and wave conditions during the year. During the winter, surfing becomes very enjoyable as there is a significant decrease in storm activities and tide levels around the equator.

Low seasons like winter will also help reduce traffic and prices for flight tickets. Not only are there decreased prices for plane tickets, the price for housing is also cheaper due to the reduced incoming traffic during this time.

It should be noted that waves and breaks are generally smaller because of the decrease in storm activities during winter. For beginners, smaller waves and breaks are great surfing conditions that you can learn from.

If you’re a beginner at surfing or you prefer riding smaller waves during the winter holidays, Spain (Fuerteventura) is the place to go.

California (Santa Cruz)

Santa Cruz California

Asides from being one of the most beautiful places in the United States, California is home to lots of beaches and beautiful weather. Most notable among them is the Santa Cruz beach. It was reported that Jack O’Neill once called it home. He was acclaimed to be the very first surf shop owner where he sold boards and other basic surfing tools.

Riding the waves of Santa Cruz’ beaches is probably one of the most thrilling surfing experience you can have. The breaks are tricky and sometimes borders are dangerous. Nonetheless, Santa Crus is possibly one of the busiest spots for surfers.

Beginners may want to consider less tricky beaches and a friendlier “foreign surfer” environment. Thrill-seekers, on the other hand, will find Santa Cruz a better choice for slating their appetites compared to the gentle breaks of Fuerteventura.

Costa Rica (Santa Teresa)

Santa Teresa Costa Rica

Santa Teresa is known for its beginner-friendly waves and a noteworthy surf school. Yeah, you read that right, a surf school is available at Santa Teresa. You get to interact with friendly coaches who are more than willing to help you through whatever surfing hurdle you come across.

The beach is gentle and warm all year round, suitable for beginners or surfers who would prefer to avoid the struggles of wilder breaks. This feature of the Santa Teresa beach allows for convenient surfing lessons and a foreigner-friendly environment where you get access to some of the most advanced surfing tools.

For those who would be traveling to Costa Rica from colder regions, you should note that Costa Rica is quite a sunny place.  Not that it diminishes the surfing experience; in fact, the warm feeling of the water lapping on your skin during the surf is quite refreshing.

If you’re a beginner or at any other surfing level, and you’re in need of an expert instructor to guide you under fine weather, then Santa Teresa is just the place for you.

Hawaii (North Shore)

North Shore Hawaii

It would be an incomplete list without Hawaii on it. Some have referred to the beaches of North Shore as the Valhalla of surfing destinations. While that might have a slightly morbid ring to it – it still doesn’t change the fact that the North Shore in Hawaii is probably one of the best places for surfing.

Home to some of the most popular surfing competitions in the world, the North Shore has over seven miles of surf beaches. The fact that these beaches are used for high profile competitions like the Triple Crown Surfing and Pipe Masters is a testament to their consistency in providing perfect or near-perfect surfing waves.

Traveling to Hawaii is also interesting because you get to witness other interesting water sports, meet surfing legends, and generally have a fun time. Due to the popularity of the Northern Shore, there is a major influx of surfers and anyone who generally likes the environment, so carving out your own space could prove a piece of work, but that’s part of the fun.

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