Best Surfboard Leash Reviews and Comparisons

surfboard leash

When it comes to purchasing equipment, you’ll need to have everything necessary to ensure a smooth run of operation. We usually advice surfing fanatics to get something that will be high quality. That’s the most important thing! Most people think more about prices than quality. Therefore, most people fall into marketing traps and purchase fake items. So, take this article as a guide for the best surfboard leash that comes suitable for your board.

What is a Surfboard Leash?

For those not familiar with board accessories, let’s just start from the basis. Surfboard Leash is like a protector for the surf riders. When you hear the word “leash” then something should come to mind. Something that restricts you in a good way. To explain it better, a surfboard leash is a rope connected to a surfboard’s tail usually worn around the leg of the rider using a strap.

Surfboard leashes are useful but not necessarily important. They are meant for protection. During a fallout, it helps you keep your surfboard close to you so you can get back on your feet. It can mostly feel uncomfortable and less free. If you’re a beginner and you’re starting to get some action on water, then a good leash would give you a helping hand.

Types of Surfboard Leashes

There are several types of surfboard leashes out there in the market. However, whichever one you may choose, ensure it perfectly fits your board. We have categorized them into:

Short board Leash: It’s usually between 5-6 feet in length. It’s great for riding in small waves.

Long board Leash: It’s usually between 9-10 feet in length. This gives you more freedom back and forth on the board. Its strap is even worn around the calf above the ankle. It’s usually thicker than the other kinds of leashes.

Top 5 List of Best Surfboard Leashes

After a lot of research, we came up with a list of five best surfboard leashes you can purchase in 2019. This would save you from a lot of stress searching the internet and looking for a good leash for your board. Let’s dive in!

1. Channel Islands Surfboard Leash

Channel Islands Leash
This is a comp surfboard leash that made the top of our list. Starting from aesthetics, of course, no one would love to purchase something ugly. It has a marine color which is awesome to see.

The leash cord itself is strong enough to withstand weight and pressure. It’s made up of a composition of plastic, metal and rubber. That’s some good combo if you know what I mean. This makes it strong and durable.

Talking about affordability, there is a normal trend in the world today. Only expensive products are tagged as original and less expensive products are categorized as fake. But then, who says you can’t get a product that’s affordable and of good quality. I’m talking about the Channel Islands Surfboard Leash.

What I like about this product is that its components are made of quality and long-lasting materials. It’s something that would serve you well while surfing as a beginner or a professional.



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2. FCS Regular Essential Surf Leash

FCS Regular Essential Surf Leash

This is a nice surfboard leash that’s awesome for short boards. It comes with a cord made up of polyurethane, which makes it durable and strong. Its length is about 6ft and 7mm thick. It’s something that would be worth your money.

There’s something you must consider before purchasing a surfboard leash. While in water, if your leash is not strong enough then it may disappoint you in water. Consequently, this leash is one of our best picks because it’s made up of materials that can withstand heavy waves.

Lastly, most leashes you’ll see would have ankle straps that’ll make you very uncomfortable and less free. On the contrary, the FCS Regular Essential Surf Leash is made of a fresh nylon strap, very safe and comfy. So, you have nothing to worry about.



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3. Dakine John John Florence Kanui

Dakine John John Florence Kanui

The first thing we noticed that made this product make the top of our list is its comfort. What’s the point of putting on something if it’s not going to be comfortable? Most leashes we saw with ankle strap mostly leave marks on the rider’s ankles. This product never does that! Its straps are made of neoprene which makes the action smooth and enjoyable.

Also, you don’t need to stress too much before detaching the strap from your ankles. Easily you can quickly release yourself without any complication. Most times after a long surfing action, you’re exhausted and famished. It won’t be much fun if you still spend a lot of time trying to unbuckle your leash strap. That could be really frustrating!

Lastly, the cord is made up of plastic and rubber which makes it an outstanding product among its pairs. Combining the functionality and efficiency of these two components, gives the cord high tensile strength and some flexibility.



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4. Wave Tribe Eco Surfboard Leash

Wave Tribe Eco

From the name of this product, we can sense that it was specially built to withstand heavy waves. A good leash shouldn’t detach easily from the board while in action. It defeats its initial purpose if the leash detaches away from your surfboard.

The wave tribe eco surfboard leash features a cord which was built through recycling to withstand the heaviest waves possible.

Its straps are also strong, comfortable, easy to remove when not in need, durable and tight. Unlike some other leashes with loose straps, this one doesn’t come off easily. It’s something worth purchasing for your day-to-day surfing action.



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5. Ocean Earth Allround Surfboard Leash

Ocean Earth Allround

A well-packaged surfboard leash with great usefulness. Every single component of this leash contributes to its effectiveness and functionality. Let’s start from its cord! The cord is made up of a strong plastic that gives it the ability to withstand the toughest and heaviest waves.

Its other components like the swivel is supposed to be the most delicate and fragile part of the leash. However, the swivel is made with high carbon steel that’s unbreakable.

The Ocean Earth Allround surf leash is a good product that you would enjoy using while surfing the highest tides and waves. It’s very comfortable and well fitted.



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Size and Length of Surfboard Leashes

We’ve successfully listed the five best surfboard leashes you can buy to accompany you while performing some surfing action.  I hope we have reduced your stress of searching all around looking for the best leash for the type of surfboard you own.

For a quick recap, let’s go over the top 5 surfboard leashes and sizes. Right below, we have a size chart that will be helpful for choosing the leash that’s ideal for the size of your surfboard.

 surfboard leash and surfboard size table

In conclusion, the length of your surfboard leash should be equal or slightly longer (about 2 inches longer) than the size of your surfboard. For short boards, you should go with Channel Islands and FCS.

For long boards, you should go with a 9′ or longer surfboard leashes such as the FCS and Wave Tribe. Check out the top 10 surfboards for beginners and make sure you check out our blog for more helpful information relating to water sports.

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