Best Wetsuits for Surfing: Top 5 Wetsuits for 2020

best wetsuits for surfing for men and women

Surfing can be a very amazing experience; however, you’ll need all the equipment and attire to start surfing. In order to explore the beauty of surfing, you’ll need to find the ideal wetsuits for surfing.

Not only do wetsuits keep you warm when you’re surfing, but it also protects you against the harshness of water. There are several surfing wetsuits out there. However, not all these wetsuits give exactly what you want.

These brands are only out there to offer you a low-quality wetsuit that offers zero protection. Some surfers have complained about wetsuits not being able to hold them down in water. Some wetsuits also have zippers that aren’t so firm, especially in water; these zippers wear out at the slightest glitch.

How can you avoid these brands and how do you recognize a good wetsuit? Well instead of having to go through the pain of learning how to identify a good brand, we have decided to help you with a list of wetsuits brands that cater for your needs as a surfer.

There’s something special about getting a good wetsuit, there is this feeling it gives you even as a beginner surfer; wetsuits can make you feel like a professional surfer and increase your confidence level in water by 70 percent.

Your comfort in water is your biggest accessory as a surfer. When your wetsuit gives you that comfort and warmth, you become relaxed and your mind is in a good frame. As a result, it makes it easy for you to enjoy the peace that surfing brings. Surfing is a lifestyle of peace, beauty, art and serenity. Any surfing wetsuit that don’t make you feel anything close to these should never be considered.

Top 5 Wetsuits for Surfing

We have conducted a very good research, considering the customer reviews of each of the following brands to help you select the best wetsuits for surfing. Each brand mentioned here can be found on Amazon.

Xcel Men’s & Kid’s Revolt Full Surfing Wetsuit

You must know that this wetsuit isn’t only nice for the warmth it offers, it’s also super comfy and very light. This gives you flexibility in your surfing experience. Sometimes an icy weather seems to limit or restrict your freedom of movement.

However, going for a wetsuit like the Xcel Revolt Full Surfing Wetsuit, you get the freedom to move around in water without restricting you to attack huge waves. Thermo Dry technology creates one of the warmest coatings in a wetsuit. This wetsuit helps you retain your body heat and helps you keep warm for a very long time.

For a wetsuit which is really thin, this particular suit offers an amazing warmth in water. It also helps you shut out cold winds when surfing.

One beautiful thing about this wetsuit is the fact that it’s also really easy to wear.  It has corresponding neck panels and the fact that it has an X2 entry systems really makes it easy to pull off and put on.

The first-class closures help you leave the water out and keep the temperature in. If you crave a wetsuit which offers flexibility and warmth, this wetsuit is highly recommended.

Xcel Men’s 3/2mm X2 TDC Revolt Quick Dry Fullsuit

Xcel Kids 3/2mm Revolt TDC X2 Fullsuit

Myledi Neoprene Surfing Wetsuit

One notable thing about the Myledi Neoprene Surfing Wetsuit is its amazing design. Although, it might not be everyone’s priority, it is indeed a lovely brand. The design is such an amazing and spectacular one unlike what we are already familiar with.

The wetsuit is two-thirds concrete black neoprene, with the other third of the neoprene made with white skulls. No one knows if this points out the fact that we feel more like mortals when we face huge waves.

I personally think it highlights the fact that we feel like we have conquered our fears every time we are surfing. Nevertheless, we must admit that the design of this wetsuit is a very amazing one. Another beautiful thing you should note about this spectacular wetsuit is the fact that the design holds no compromise whatsoever.

The suit protects your body from the cold and it also clings to your body to give your body the deserving temperature. If you desire to attack rough and gigantic waves, you should really consider getting this wetsuit as it offers a great athletic fit.

It also provides you with cuffs that prevent your knees and ankles against the coldness of water. However, it isn’t so tight that it constricts or restrict your movement in water.

If you want to experience something different from what you already know then you really should give this wetsuit a try.

MYLEDI 3mm Neoprene Full Body Surfing for Men

O’Neill Men’s & Women’s Reactor 3/2mm Wetsuit

This is our third pick because O’Neil is known for making tremendous surfing wetsuits that are budget friendly. One evident thing about this suit is the closures that can be noticed at the neck, wrists and even ankles.

Your surfing experience is greatly enhanced by the O’Neil Reactor Full Wetsuit. Another beautiful thing is that it’s suitable for people of all sizes and shapes. Some people even find it easy to do yoga in their wetsuits without feeling uncomfortable.

This suit is also able to maintain your warmth and temperature in frostier climates. It also allows you breath feely under water.

It also makes you feel like you have no clothes on by protecting you in the best way possible. If you desire a wetsuit that offers exceptional comfort and temperature, you should not hesitate to go for this wetsuit.

O’Neill Men’s Reactor 3/2mm Back Zip Full Wetsuit

O’Neill Women’s Reactor-2 3/2mm Back Zip Full Wetsuit

Scavenger 3mm Shorty Surfing Wetsuit

When purchasing a wetsuit, there are so many things people fail to consider. These things later become a big deal after you have purchased the wetsuit. Have you ever considered the fact that a wetsuit may wear down when purchasing a wetsuit?

A lot of people forget to ask these important questions. With this suit in question, you have no cause to worry about your wetsuit ever wearing down or irritating. Even when you have spent a long time in water, this wetsuit will always have your back.

One other thing to note about the Scavenger 3mm Shorty Surfing Wetsuit, is the fact that you can put it on and pull it off easily. Additionally, it has a long leash and comfy Zipper that makes it comfortable to wear. Asides from surfing, this wetsuit can also be used for any other water sport of any kind. This wetsuit is recommendable for any surfer who craves mobility in surfing.

Seavenger Alpha 3mm Neoprene Fullsuit Wetsuit for Men and Women

Phantom Aquatics Men’s & Women’s Shorty Wetsuit

Finally, on our top 5 best wetsuits, we have the Phantom Aquatics Marine Shorty Surfing Wetsuit. The goal of this wetsuit is to give you the comfort you desire when surfing. This wetsuit fits you perfectly and does so gracefully.

You feel compelled to credit the designers of this suit every time you wear it. It allows you to move freely in water while surfing. It helps you avoid slipping off the sail boat as it’s designed to help you sit without the risk of slipping off when your body is wet.

Comfort is an important feature when surfing and if you believe in this perception then this is exactly the best suit for you. It is also very great for flexibility.

Phantom Aquatics Men’s Marine Shorty Wetsuit

Phantom Aquatics Women’s Marine Shorty Wetsuit

Surfing Wetsuits and Surfboards

Now that you have your wetsuit for surfing, the next item on your shopping list should be a surfboard. Surfboards come in different shapes and sizes that are difficult for beginners to choose the right surfboard. One way is to talk to a surfboard shaper because they are experts on the subject.

Another way is to do thorough research to find out which surfboard matches your skill level and body weight. Luckily, we have done all the research to help you. Check out the top 10 surfboards for beginners and hit the waves today!

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