How to Choose Bodyboard Fins For You

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Besides being healthy and stress-free, the sport of bodyboarding is also a lot of fun. Whether you are new or experienced in surfing, a bodyboard fin does a lot of good while on the water. Not only does this tool allow for quick and easy swimming, but it also ensures that you are in total control of your body while in water. That is why it’s important to choose bodyboard fins that work for you.

Two types of bodyboard fins exist, the symmetrical and asymmetrical bodyboard fins. The asymmetrical bodyboard fins mostly come in the shape of a dolphin tail and it is popular among most riders. The symmetrical flipper on the other hand is used less, but still beneficial for some surfers. The propulsion performance is just as good as asymmetric fins and they are easier on your joints.

Choosing a suitable bodyboard fin can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you are a beginner. It matters that you purchase the fin that suits your physique. Not to worry, this article focuses on guiding you to choose bodyboard fins that are perfect for your needs.

In this article, you will learn about factors to consider when choosing a bodyboard fin and how to choose a suitable bodyboard fin.

Choosing the Right Bodyboard Fin

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Here are some of the important factors to consider when you choose your bodyboard fins.

Choose Comfort for the Right Bodyboard Fin

Being comfortable is a major factor to consider when purchasing a bodyboard fin. Is the foot space flexible enough to allow for easy movement? If the fins are not adaptable to the shape of your feet, you cannot expect any comfort.

The ideal fin to go for is one that is soft in the region that has contact with the instep (the arched middle portion of your foot) and that has a good fit to avoid injuries. Go for fins that don’t nip the side of your foot or squeeze your foot. To choose a comfortable bodyboard fin, check if it (the fin) has soft rubber on the foot pocket and a stiff rubber on the blade, the stiff rails should also join the blade and the foot pocket.

The size of your bodyboard fin is also important when it comes to the comfort of your ride.

You must ensure that your bodyboard fin fits you perfectly. The fin must not be too small or too big, it must be just appropriate for your foot, this is necessary so as to avoid getting hurt while gliding. Bodyboard fins come in a variety of sizes from extra-small to extra-large. Evaluate what works best for your size and needs.

However, different brands have their own brand sizes. Make sure to check the brand’s sizing chart before making a purchase. Be sure to find your perfect shoe size.

Different Shapes for Bodyboard Fins

The shape of the fin can influence propulsion. Wider fins have greater propulsion but may prevent certain maneuvers on the board. A good way to figure this out is to imagine surfing on your knees with a long fin. Slim bodyboard fins are necessary not to disturb maneuvers. The shape is an important factor when you choose bodyboard fins.

The rigidity is also an important factor to consider when looking at the shape of bodyboard fins.

Flexible Fins will generate good propulsion, speed, and comfort. The only disadvantage of a flexible fin is that users will have a slow start-up. Soft fins are intended for beginner riders. With that, they are much more comfortable than rigid fins but deliver less power.

The rigid fins on the other hand are considered ideal for high-performance practice. So, they are intended for surfers with experience, and they deliver power. The rigid fins require a good physical condition to surf on. Unlike flexible fins, they do not bend underwater and therefore lift a larger mass of water. The rigid fins provide great acceleration. This makes them the ideal type for a quick take-off. However, the rigid fins end up demanding more of the legs. They also become less comfortable after a period of use because they fatigue the muscles a lot quicker. To compensate for the poor comfort of rigid fins, put neoprene socks under your fins. These protect you from irritation and blisters.

Keep shape and rigidity in mind when you choose bodyboard fins.

Design is Important when you Choose Bodyboard Fins

The design of the bodyboard fins are different from other conventional fins, this is why you need to make a careful selection of your fin. Bodyboard fins have to have channels for directing the water flow and cuts (holes) for the exit of water and sand.

To begin with, make sure the material of your bodyboard works for you.

A bodyboarding fin should be light and compact. Lightweight material such as natural rubber is recommended. Go for materials that won’t give you a tough time to move around while in water. Also, choose bodyboard fins that allow free flow of water and holes for the passage of sand.

Recommended Bodyboard Fins

Final Take

Purchasing a suitable bodyboarding fin makes all the difference, but preserving them to ensure their longevity matters more. With that, it must be durable and long-lasting. After spending so much on a bodyboarding fin you will be disappointed to see the ocean, waves, and the current detaching your fins from you. To avoid this, adhere to these care tips:

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