DORSAL Premium Pro Comp Surfboard Surf Leash Blue


  • Cord Thickness: 7mm
  • Wave Size Compatibility: Suitable for 2 – 8 feet waves and flat water
  • Design Features: Interchangeable, with a smooth rotating nylon cuff and rail saver swivel assembly
  • Materials: Equipped with machined double stainless steel swivels
  • Origin: Designed in California by Dorsal
9 FT Longboard10 FT Longboard6 FT FCS Style7 FT FCS Style8 FT Longboard
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DORSAL Blue Surf Leash

The DORSAL Premium Pro Comp Surfboard Blue Surf Leash, designed for serious surfers, has a 7mm cord for 2 to 8 feet waves and flat water, providing unrivaled strength and durability. The DORSAL Surf Leash offers an interchangeable design, smooth nylon cuff, swivel assembly, and double steel swivels for security and less tangling. Designed in California, it ensures reliable performance in all conditions.

Boost your surf with the DORSAL Premium Pro Comp Blue Leash, built for all conditions with unmatched performance and durability. The 7mm cord makes this leash strong and versatile for 2 to 8 feet waves and flat water.

Features interchangeable design, smooth rotating cuff, and double steel swivels for secure, tangle-free use. Born from California’s surf culture, Dorsal’s leash combines reliability and performance, ideal for all wave conditions. Choose from 6ft surfboard to 10ft longboard leash sizes.

To put on a surfboard leash:

  1. Find the leash’s cuff end and open the Velcro strap.
  2. Place the cuff around your ankle, just above the ankle bone. It’s typically worn on the back foot.
  3. Secure the Velcro strap so it’s snug but not too tight.
  4. Attach the leash string to your surfboard’s leash plug, ensuring it’s securely knotted.
  5. Clip the leash’s rail saver (the wider end of the leash) to the string to minimize board damage and ensure the leash stays attached.

9 FT Longboard, 10 FT Longboard, 6 FT FCS Style, 7 FT FCS Style, 8 FT Longboard



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