Retro Fish Surfboard by Paragon

Paragon Surfboards Retro Fish Surfboard – Ride the Waves with Style and Speed!


  • Color: Classic White
  • Size Options: Choose from 5’8″ or 6’0″ to match your preference.
  • Color: Classic White
  • Brand: Paragon Surfboards – A name synonymous with quality and expertise.
  • Product Dimensions: 72″L x 21″W
Retro Fish Surfboard by Paragon

The Paragon Surfboards Retro Fish Surfboard is designed to offer a thrilling and stylish surfing experience, delivering the perfect blend of speed and fun. Let’s dive into what sets this surfboard apart:

High-Performance Shape:
  • Equipped with a Retro Fish shape that includes twin fin boxes (FIN KEY AND FINS INCLUDED) for exceptional stability and maneuverability.
  • Features a single to double bottom concave that provides precise control and superior speed.
  • Crafted with a 6oz top and bottom glass job, showcasing the board’s durability and quality.
  • Finished with a high-end touch that reflects its superior construction.
Built to Last, Engineered for Success:
  • Constructed from specialized epoxy glass, this board is remarkably lightweight, yet impressively strong and durable.
  • Proven to excel in a wide variety of wave conditions. Retro Fish Surfboard is the ideal choice for surfers of all skill levels.
Effortless Paddling, Maximum Waves:
  • Whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate rider, or an expert surfer weighing up to 200lbs, this board is perfectly suited for all surfing levels.
  • Its generous volume ensures you can paddle effortlessly, allowing you to catch more waves and elevate your surfing experience.
Incredible Speed, Timeless Style:
  • One of the standout features of the Paragon Retro Fish is the incredible speed it generates, even in the smallest waves.
  • Its timeless shape has made it a favorite among surfers, ensuring you always ride the waves with style and grace.
Our Commitment to Quality:
  • We stand behind our products and offer a refund/return policy for surfboards that arrive damaged. Your satisfaction is our priority.
  • Please note that due to the high costs of shipping, returns/refunds will not be made for accidental purchases, changes of heart, or instances where a surfboard has been used. Returns/refunds may encounter a re-stocking fee.

Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your surfing experience with the Paragon Surfboards Retro Fish Surfboard. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting your surfing journey, this board offers a blend of style and performance that will make every ride unforgettable. Surf the waves with style and speed, choose Paragon!


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