How Much Does a Surfboard Cost?

surfboard cost

If you are thinking about starting to surf, you may wonder: How much does a surfboard cost?

Depending on your financial standing, it can be costly or not. On average, it’s safe to say surfboards aren’t expensive. With that, they aren’t the only gear you need to buy when you start your surfing career. However, this article focuses on the cost of different surfboards. We’ll look at the various factors and elements you need to consider when looking at surfboard costs. You can check out the top 10 beginner surfboards right here.

Purchasing surfboards is easy. You can either purchase surfboards online or in shops. There are various models you can buy. As a beginner, you probably daydream about surfing without budgeting correctly for what you’ll need. In this case, you should have enough cash for beginner level surfboards. Before you worry about the cost of the surfboard you want to buy, you should know about the different types of surfboards that are out there.

Types of Surfboards

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There are different types of surfboards you can get, either as a beginner or expert. These various types come at different prices. The design, conditions they serve, and the riding types all vary. Here are the types of surfboards you need to know about.


Longboards are always 8 feet long, and the primary purpose for this is for stability. The typical cost of this type of surfboard is anywhere around $1,000-1,500USD. These are old forms of surfboards and are more familiar with old surfers.

They are known for the wide nose, large volume, and come with a single fin. Some of them also come with 2+1 fins. Thanks to its stability, it’s the perfect surfboard for beginners. It’s great for learning and several professionals also make use of them. These boards are commonly found in low waves and help you float effortlessly. But if you are after the performance and would like to maneuver, they aren’t a great option.



These are also referred to as egg boards, and they are similar to longboards. However, some peculiarities set them apart. They are usually between 6 to 8 feet in height. Also, they come with a vast nose but possess more rockers than the longboards. They have the standard step-up find like the shortboards. Funboards are also generally less thick than longboards, which makes it easier to maneuver them. This surfboard is a step up for beginners.



These are the most common surfboards on the beach and always come with 3 fins. This surfboard cost is anywhere from $500-$800 USD. They also come with a pointy nose. What makes them very adaptable is the fact that you can use them with different wave sizes. If you are a beginner, you shouldn’t go for this. They are not as stable as what you need as a beginner. To use this, you need to have a mastery of waves. Thanks to their unique structure, they allow for any maneuver you want to do. Thanks to the fin setup that allows for more rocky movement and thrust, they let you go up and down on waves smoothly.



Fish Boards

They call these fish boards because they possess four fins that look like the fins at the fishes’ tail. They are always 6 feet in length. You can easily paddle this in the waves because they don’t have many rockers. You can easily turn with the surfboard because of the fish-like fin under it. Its’ build also makes it possible for you to ride any wave. However, they are best on waves that are thigh-height or higher.

fish boards

Hybrid Surfboards

This board is somewhat of a fusion with a shortboard and a fish board. It comes with a broad nose and a wider tail, which offers it more buoyancy making it easier to paddle. It also comes with a 3-fin setup, which is also at a higher position.

Hybrid Surfboards

What is the Best Surfboard for Beginners?

Hawaii surfboards

As a beginner, there are a few things you need to consider before making a decision on the cost you want to spend on your surfboard. It helps to consider the shape of the board, the style of your riding, and your body’s weight.

Whichever surfboard satisfies these conditions is the right one for you. In light of this, the longboards are the ones you should consider. They are safer and make learning how to ride the waves easier.

However, don’t start learning with shortboards or gun boards. These boards aren’t for beginners. It will be challenging to master them and will lead to frustration.

What does the Cost of Surfing Look Like?

As a beginner, there are several things you’ll need to buy. So, the cost of a beginner surfboard should be on the lower side. You should budget between $380 and $1000 USD for your surfboard.

Since you are a beginner, there is no need to start with premium surfboards. You need to gain more experience first. At the end of the day, you may find out that surfing isn’t your thing when you first try the sport.

Once you get better at surfing, is when you should invest in getting the top gears. The brand surfboards are the best for when you are aiming to become a professional.

The Best Surfboards You Should Check Out

As said earlier, there are numerous surfboard products out there. Different manufacturers adapt their unique styles and modifications to the boards. In this section, we explore a few of the best surfboards we can find and no particular order or type.

Giantex 6. Durable Surfboard

Giantex 6. Durable Surfboard

This is a very durable surfboard, and it’s mainly adapted for ubiquity. It can be used either by beginners, professionals, adults, or kids. It’s made from foam, with an EPS core, an EPE deck, and PP materials. The unique build of it also makes it responsive to speed without compromising on safety. In the pack of this, you get a surfboard leash and a surfboard pad. This is good, as you don’t need to make additional purchases.

Underneath the surfboard, there is the presence of a fishtail. This allows for traction as you aim to climb more stubborn waves. The fins are also removable, making it easy to carry them around. You can make a purchase of this product on Amazon.

Thurso Surf Lancer 5’10 Surfboard

Thurso Surf Lancer 5’10 Surfboard

This is a soft-ball that is primarily adapted for kids. It is very light, durable, and stiff. The bottom of the surfboard is heat laminated, which brings an increase in speed. The high density of the surfboard also makes it a comfortable one to use. The speed of this surfboard is greatly influenced by the fins located underneath. The fins offer a great deal of stability, so there is next to no risk of falling off the board. You can check out this product on Amazon.

Wavestorm 8’ Classic Pinline Surfboard

Wavestorm 8’ Classic Pinline Surfboard

These are longboards, and they are generally easier to handle. Also, they are excellent if you are a beginner and you can be sure of the product’s quality. Thanks to attention to detail on every part of the board, you can be sure of an enjoyable ride on the waves. The board comes with a traction pad and a set of fins you can easily remove. You can do whatever you want with this board, even if you’re going to stand on it while there are waves. Buying this board is a good investment, and you can check it out here.

California Board Company 6’2 Fish Surfboard

California Board Company 6’2 Fish Surfboard

If you want comfort, this is the surfboard to go for. It’s made by a reputable company and is made to perfection. It’s very lightweight, which allows it to weather the strongest of waves. While riding the waves, you can be sure that your leg is firmly attached to the board with the strap. Despite being light, the build quality is impressive and puts you at rest as you can use it for several years before getting another one. On the surfboard’s leash, you’ll find molded fittings. The board is so good that you can surf all day and won’t feel any discomfort. Check out the product here on amazon.

BIC Sport PAINT 6’0 Surfboard

BIC Sport PAINT 6’0 Surfboard
This is for pure beginners. This board is not meant for big boards. It’s in the shape of an egg and is meant for smaller waves. This makes it the perfect one for kids and learning adults. It’s not the most durable surfboard out there – at least not without some extra work of waxing. It makes sense for beginners, and you can make your purchase here.

Final Take for the Cost of your Surfboard

Surfboards can be costly, especially if you don’t have a large budget for them. If it’s the first one you buy, you should make sure you are getting the one for your skill level. You will not enjoy the surfboard if it’s beyond your skill level. Consider the various factors mentioned above and make a choice. Happy Surfing!

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