Top 10 Best Surfing Movies Ever

best surfing movies of all time

One of the most amazing ways of taking your mind off work or something sad is seeing movies. Some people enjoy going to cinemas with their loved ones and families while some just prefer to watch indoors with pop corn and soda.

Which do you prefer? Well, taking someone to the movies is more appreciating than just sitting at home, Netflix and chilling. Just saying! However, this article lays more emphasis on the top 10 best surfing movies that you can find on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Who doesn’t love a good sport movie? Everyone who loves water sports should be interested in watching, most especially, surfing. Here are the top 10 best surfing movies of all time.

The Endless Summer

This is the first surf movie that makes our list of best surfing movies. It was produced in 1966 and directed by Bruce Brown. It was a great surf movie starring Robert August and Mike Hynson, two great surfers who embarked on a quest to surf all around the globe.

These two surfers visited a lot of places riding through continents. They visited New Zealand, South Africa, Tahiti, Senegal, Ghana, Australia and some other places.

You can watch this movie on amazon prime right here.

The Morning of the Earth

This is yet another surf movie that makes our list. This is one of the finest surf movies you can ever watch. It was produced in 1971 by Alby Falzon and David Elfick. Who told you surfing hasn’t not being in existence for a long time.

The morning of the earth shows us how important surfing is and how it brings people together. Watch the Morning of the Earth as they actually search through the depths of the earth looking places with the best waves such as Australia, Hawaii and Bali. It’s an interesting movie that every surfer should watch. You may be surprised to learn one or two skills from there.

You can watch the full movie on YouTube right here.

Five Summer Stories

If you’re looking for a movie which features many surfing tricks, check out the Five Summer Stories. An action packed movie starring David Nuuhiwa, Sam Hawk, Gerry Lopez and Eddie Aikau.

The movie was produced in 1972 and directed by Greg Macgillivray and Jim Freeman. A very wonderful movie with a lot of surfing action accompanied with some hot soundtracks like The Beach Boys and Honk. It’s definitely something you’ll enjoy watching with the great sound and colorful view. You can also get to learn one or two surfing techniques from there.

You can watch the full movie on amazon prime right here.

Riding Giants

This is a documentary produced in 2004 and directed by our beloved Stacy Peralta. It’s an incredible documentary that every surfer must watch. It features more of learning and less of entertainment.

The Riding Giants talks about the history of big surfing waves. Fully packaged with a lot to learn about surfing. If you’re searching for an educative surfing movie, The Riding Giants is something you may want to see.

You can watch this complete movie on amazon prime right here.


This is another surfing documentary. This documentary is in the form of a story. It starts with the story of Doc Paskowitz and his family following the best surfs around the world. It’s one of my best surf movies of all time.

The tale is a very interesting one you’ll love to watch. Doc Paskowitz was an educated man from Stanford who got married and gave birth to about nine children. He was a man whose goals were quite different from every man and kind of weird to say the least. So obsessed with surfing that he raised his children in campers and surfing all round the world. I don’t think that’s a good parenting virtue.

You can watch Surfwise documented by Doc Paskowitz right here.

Under an Arctic Sky

This is a fascinating movie that made our list of best surfing movies of all time. It’s full of adventure and some surfing action. This movie is definitely something you would enjoy if you love water sports. Under An Arctic sky tells us about six wonderful surfers together with a photographer who entered Iceland to explore in search of cool waves.

Actually turned out to be a great error on their side because Iceland was not really palatable for holidays. This is due to its harsh weather, mighty storms and zero temperatures. This movie is all about how these surfers risked their own lives all in search of big waves in Iceland.

It also talks about how these six surfers actually rented a boat in the middle of one of the worst storms of all time, failed and went back to shore, abandoned their boat and decided to go by land. It’s a great adventurous movie you can find on Netflix.

You can see the complete movie on amazon prime right here.


Resurface is another incredible surf movie that you’ll love. It’s more of a documentary so prepare to learn a lot. This documentary tells us about seas, waves and surfs. It also tells us how surfing helped military personnel to stay consistent mentally and physically if you know what I mean.

Do you know that surfing can actually benefit you health wise? This documentary would enlighten you on that. Resurface also tells us how surfing can become a medical cure for emotional distress and somewhere you can find some peace and quiet.

You can see the complete movie on Netflix right here.

Surf’s Up

Gone are the days when animated movies were meant for just kids. Nowadays, they are one of the most enjoyable kind of movies you can watch. I know we can relate to this. So surf up is an animated movie that makes our list of best surf movies.

What I love about animated movies is that they are usually funny and action packed. They are never boring. Surf up tells us the story of a penguin called Cody maverick. This penguin was a great surfer who was interested in participating in a surfing championship to honor someone’s memory.

He lived in Antartida. Cody enjoyed surfing the waves in the sea. That’s what he spent most of his time doing. Surf up is really an interesting anime you would love to watch with your family, most especially your kids if you have.

You can watch this animated movie on amazon prime right here.

North of the Sun

North of the Sun was produced in 2012. It’s movie that shows how some Norwegian friends and two die hard surfers- Jon Ranum and Inge Wegge embarked on an adventure to explore and find the best waves.

For nine months, no sun and isolated on the beach north of the Arctic Circle, all they did was ride the waves and try to survive. How possible? See for yourself on Netflix how the bond of friendship can keep you sustained or can it?

You can watch North of the Sun on amazon prime right here.

Soul Surfer

Soul Surfer is a real life story of a teenager, crazy surfer, professional and fearless who got bit by a shark. That as about enough to scare someone away from the water, right? Well, not for Bethany Hamilton our teenage champion.

As soon as she was feeling better, she was back! The movie was shot and produced in 2011 starring AnnaSophia Robb who took up the role of Bethany. It’s a movie that you will definitely enjoy.

You can see the Sour Surfer on amazon prime right here.

Surf Movies and Chill

There is something about surfing that you’ll enjoy both watching and actually being in action. We’ve successfully talked about the top 10 surfing movies that all water sport lovers should love to your enjoy. You could start from the ones on Netflix or you can find them on Amazon Prime!

These surfing movies can inspire you to learn how to surf. To get started, you can check out the top 10 surfboards for beginners and find the best beaches in the world.

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