What Are The Best Surf Spots in Hawaii

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When considering some of the most beautiful spots in the world, Hawaii is not one to be left out. Hawaii Islands rank on the top among the best surfing and recreational locations in the world. Hawaii is the Mecca of surfing. The precise swells from different directions and the location of the island on the Pacific make stunning wave patterns exclusive to Hawaii. This is why some of the best surf spots are in Hawaii.

So, no matter what level of surfing experience you have, there is a perfect surfing spot in Hawaii just for you. Surfers enjoy surfing all year round across Hawaii Islands. As long as you have a surfboard and have enough free time, you can enjoy the transparent waters, tubular and slow rides, glassy waves, and sandy bottoms of the Hawaiian Islands.

Due to its geographically isolated landmass, groundswells are inevitable and responsible for the abundance of surfing spots. You can locate the most popular Hawaiian surf spots in the Big Island (Hawaii), the Valley Isle (Maui), the Garden Isle (Kauai), and the Gathering Place (Oahu). If you reside in or are planning to spend your next vacation in Hawaii, here are some of the top surfing spots you should consider.

The Best Surf Spots in Oahu, Hawaii

Oahu is best known for its wide north shore rollers and beaches. It offers the best water views and lethal waves. This spot is the home base for all surfing. Oahu hosts the annual Volcom Pipe Pro surfing event on its extensive stretch of beaches. The island’s north shore is the best place to catch a smooth wave, irrespective of your surfing experience level. Before you surf on this island, remember that winter waves can be massive and are best for experts. It is best to hire an expert guide if you are a beginner at this time of the year. Some of the best surf points on this island are:


This spot is close to the classy north shore restaurants and surf shops. Also, this spot is right by sunset beach and contains a great expanse of reefs. It is one spot you will need a higher level of professional experience before taking on. Its character waves are fast and can have steep walls as high as 50 feet. With that, it is one of the best surf spots in Hawaii for those looking for a challenge.

Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach in Hawaii is another surfing classic on the north shore. It accommodates a lot of professional surfers as well as visitors and tourists. One point of attraction on this beach is the beautiful view of the sunset. While surfing, watch out for western waves that might turn wayward. You will need to be a strong paddler to handle this one.

Ehukai Beach Park

Ehukai Beach Park is quite a remarkable body of water. Asides from being home to the famous Banzai Pipeline, this spot has classic restaurants, surf shops, and water adventure companies around. This beach is for professionals due to its enormous amounts of pipelines.

Diamond Head Cliffs

This beach is located right in the middle of three separate breaks. The cliff is volcanically formed, giving it a Diamond Head shape. The waves here are a bit calmer earlier in the day as compared to others. So, this surf spot in Hawaii is ideal for both beginners and advanced surfers. Aside from this, there are numerous local attractions like hotels, resorts, and spas.

There is so much to take away from Oahu whether you are a beginner, advanced, or professional surfer. However, it is quite ideal to consult the services of a professional guide to ensure a safe and memorable surfing experience.

The Best Surf Spots in Maui, Hawaii

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As much as Oahu accommodates some of the best beaches, Maui also houses some excellent beaches and top-notch surf spots. Maui waters are as clear as crystal. This offers surfers an amazing view of aquatic life (fish and turtles) and reefs. Also, note that Maui has a reputation for heavy winds that starts around 9 in the morning. Hence, you want to be on the waters as early as possible. Some of the best surf points on this island are:

Launiupoko State Wayside Park

This park is perfect for beginners and advanced surfers. It is indeed the perfect surfing spot to test your surfboards and get your suit wet for the first time (check out the best wetsuits for surfing).  Located south of Lahaina, this beach contains long and easy reef waves which are perfect for first-timers. So, if you are looking for an easy beach to start learning, Launiupoko has it all. The spot is also notable for its Stand Up paddle school and Goofy Surf.

Honolua Bay

You need to be an advanced surfer to surf the water bodies of Honolulu. This is due to its strong current and shallow reef line. Honolua is arguably the most visited surfing spot. Annually, it is crowded with theorists and locals, so prepare to see a lot of faces during your visit. Local attractions at this bay are the 808 Boards surf shop and the beautiful Kapalua Golf Course.

The Cove at Kalama Beach Park

The Cove at Kalama Beach Park is a beautiful and secured cove that gives off dependable swells. This cove is perfect for people who are relatively new to surfing due to its low water levels and small waves that are easy to maneuver. This is truly the best surf spot in Hawaii if you want to learn how to surf.


The waters of the Guardrails are perfect for the upper beginner and the intermediate surfer. Additionally, it is a quiet environment for surfers who want to improve their skills. Getting in and out of the waters can be somewhat tricky as there are sharp rocks and corals. Hence, you might need the aid of an experienced guide on your first attempt.

Kauai is the Best Surf Spot in Hawaii to Watch World-Class Surfers

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Kauai has produced some of the most world-class surfers in the world. Its notable white sand and year-round trade winds beaches make it a beautiful tourist attraction all year round. More so, it is characterized by waves that come inset. This means that those waves come in intervals giving surfers a minute to prepare beforehand. The dual spots are perfect for the winter and summer. Some of the best surf points on this island are:

Kiahuna Beach

This beach is located on the southeast corner of Kauai Island and is very suitable for novice surfers and other levels of surfers with varied skillsets. However, new surfers are always advised to stick to the shallow parts of the water as things get tougher past the reef. Local attractions are boogie boarding, snorkeling, swimming pools, and restaurants for both locals and visitors.

Hanalei Bay is the Best Surf Spot for Views in Hawaii

Hanalei bay is characterized by the half moon bay, varied consistent waves, and gorgeous background. Its picturesque mountains and pristine waters make it an amazing view. Since all the waves are diverse, it is an ideal spot for all kinds of surfers. This bay should be at the top of your list when you next visit Kauai. Local attractions include bars and restaurants available to locals and visitors.

Shipwreck Beach is the Best Quiet Surf Spot in Hawaii

This beach is less crowded when compared to other Kauai surf spots. It is characterized by rocky terrain with large and extensive waves. Shipwreck beach is found in the southeastern region of the island. It is best suitable for intermediate and advanced surfers who can find their way around rough terrains. This beach is directly opposite the deluxe Grand Hyatt Hotel.

The Best Surf Spots in Big Island, Hawaii

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Big Island is the youngest of the Hawaiian Islands. It is characterized by fewer surf spots and beaches as compared to other islands. Surfers with more experience enjoy these spots, but there are a few spots for beginner and intermediate surfers. This spot in Hawaii is the best for a group of surfers with different experience levels. Some of the best surf points on this island are:

Kahaluu Beach

Surfers on this beach are usually those that are still practicing. This beach contains a friendly environment. It is also the best place to get chill on the waves, organize picnics, or to snorkel.

Pine Trees

Located in the north of Kona airport, Pine Trees is home to more experienced surfers. It also has a side bay that is perfect for newbies. Although Pine is in the name, you will not find any pine trees there. Instead, it is a beautiful crescent beach and you can find the best barbecues on the Kona Coast. Pine Trees beach is accessible by a four-wheeled vehicle.

Honolii Beach Park

This beach is occupied by locals and advanced surfers every day of the year. It is located on the Island’s East Coast and is a short drive from Hilo. This beach is majorly known for its consistent and optimum summer waves that are perfect for surfers who want to refine their techniques.

Final Take on the Best Surf Spots in Hawaii

Thankfully, the ancient and beautiful tradition of surfing the waters of Hawaii still exists. The surfing spots in Hawaii serve as the best surfing spots in the United States for both locals and visitors. As fun and exciting surfing in Hawaii is, bear in mind that your safety is of utmost importance.

Also, remember that nature situations change rapidly Hawaii. Additionally, it is essential to note that your definition of beginner or intermediate may differ across surfing locations. Never forget, when in doubt you do not keep paddling. So the next time that you are in Hawaii, enjoy the swells, and do not forget to say “Aloha!”

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